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KDE6 on OpenBSD

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Rafael Sadowski
Rafael Sadowski
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Last year marked a significant milestone for both myself and the OpenBSD desktop community, as we successfully ported KDE Plasma 5 and all dependencies to OpenBSD. With the release of OpenBSD 7.5 on April 5, 2024, KDE Plasma in version 5.27.10 has become a part of our lovely operating system. This success is the result of years of development work and commitment to achieving this goal.

KDE launched version 6 of its Plasma desktop environment on February 28, 2024, bringing numerous updates and features as well as the major switch to Qt6. I am immensely proud that the OpenBSD team has managed to prepare for this major update so swiftly. All necessary components have been committed to our CVS tree, and the packages will soon be available.

YES! KDE6 landed in OpenBSD -current

We are currently in an excellent phase ahead of the upcoming OpenBSD release 7.6, which gives us plenty time to thoroughly test KDE Plasma 6. My goal is to make sure it works well and is stable for everyone.

From my personal experience, the KDE compositor seems to be working very stably, but you can see for yourself. I’ve made a video about it that you can watch to get a firsthand look at how it performs.

Of course, there’s still much to do. I’m not tired of tackling these challenges yet. Now, let’s get started on addressing those “Known Issues” ;)

Should you have installed KDE5 via the kde-plasma meta package? Then pkg_add -u is your friend. If not, run pkg_add kde-plasma (and maybe kde-plasma-extras). You should also consider installing the KDE Gear by pkg_add kde?

Thank you to everyone involved for your hard work and dedication. Especially to landry@ and kn@ who reviewed it. Thanks to all supporters. This allowed me to rent a dedicated server for the bulk(8) builds.

Stay tuned for more updates as we progress towards the integration of KDE Plasma 6 into OpenBSD 7.6.