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OpenBSD KDE status

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Rafael Sadowski
Rafael Sadowski
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This short blog post should summarize the KDE/Qt work done in OpenBSD 6.7 and my plans for 6.8.


The most important achievement was the Qt5 update from 5.9 to 5.13.2. Furthermore, I am very happy that many KDE Applications have made it into the new release. Currently we count 143 KDE5 applications and all KDE Frameworks addon libraries (except Wayland).

The KDE applications are available in version 19.12 and the framework in 5.68.0. In addition, there are some heavyweights in the ports tree:

… and many more exciting KDE/Qt applications.

After the ports-lock

Shortly after the release I committed and announced that I had managed to port the QtWebEngine. All parts are now in the tree and wait until they are unleashed.

It will allow us to port many new applications and give us the opportunity to update a few things. espie@ and tracey@ unbreak kdenlive, which means we have finally a video editor back in OpenBSD.

Next? #

As an independent person it is always difficult to plan in the open source environment . Let’s say it like this, I have the following goals for 6.8:

  • Finally enable qtwebengine (easy).
  • Porting the remaining KDE Applications (x11/kde-applications). This is mostly the PIM stuff: Kontact, KMail, KAddressBook KOrganizer
  • Get rid of KDE4 (x11/kde4). The conflicts are annoying and nobody uses this stuff anymore. Prove me wrong!

As you can imagine, working on such a large number of ports is very time consuming. I am happy about any feedback and of course about any kind of support.